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Grants and Artists in Residence Projects

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The Canada Council for the Arts
350 Albert Street, P.O. 1047
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5V8
+1 (613) 566-4414

The Grants to film and Video artists program assists Canadian artists working with film and video as means of artistic expression. This program offers Research / Creation Grants, Production Grants and scriptwriting Grants. (All Canadian Council programs are accessible to Aboriginal artists andartist from diverse cultural and regional communities of Canada.)

The Canada Council supports projects or programs of work that involve innovation and artistic expression.
Priority is given to proposals from artists whose work demonstrates the development of an individual style or expressive approach, and/or a commitment to questioning and expanding the form of the medium.
("not" intended to support work createt for the cultural industries of commercial film and television)

To gather nearer informations, please take a look on the website.


Art, Science & Business
Akademie Schloss Solitude
Solitude 3
Stuttgart 70197
+49 711 99 619-0
+49 711 99 619-50

International Program for young artists, scientists and managers.

The grant-submissions for 2007 - 2009 are open from 1.7.2006 to 31.10.2006.


Fundacion Autor
Barbara de Braganza, 7
Madrid 28004
+34 (91)5036819
+34 (91)5036819

Grant for further studies. Target group: Spanish Authors or non Spanish Authors members of the S.G.A.

United Kingdom

The Creative Investor

110 Upper Thames Street
London EC4R 3TW
United Kingdom

NESTA currently runs a number of award programmes, which support everyone from inventors and engineers to filmmakers and musicians. While they share a common aim - to back people of exceptional talent and imagination - they each work differently.

NESTAs Fellowship programme gives creative and innovative individuals who have demonstrated exceptional talent and originality, the time, space, resources and support to develop their ideas, pursue their goals, experiment, and push at the boundaries of knowledge and practice.

For further informations please take a look on the NESTA-Website.

The Arts Council
United Kingdom
+0845 300 6100
+020 7973 6564

Grants for the arts are for individuals, arts organisations, national touring and other people who use the arts in their work. They are for activities that benefit people in England or that help artists and arts organisations from England to carry out their work.

All needed documents can be downloaded from the website.

The British Council
10 Spring Gardens
London SW1A 2BN
United Kingdom
+(020) 7389 3051/3166
+(020) 7389 3175

Provides grants to broaden and build international audiences for new work from Britain by providing travel grants.

Further informations are available under the following link:

United States

creative capital
65 Bleecker Streer
New York NY 10012
United States
(212) 598-9900
(212) 589-4934

Creative capital ist a national nonprofit organization that supports artists pursuing innovative approaches to form and content in film/video, performing and visual arts, and in emerging arts fields. Emerging fields may include computer-based artwork, new media, interactive installations and interdisciplinary projects.

In 2006 no grants will be awarded.

The guidelines and the Inquiry Form are available under the following link:

Finishing Fund grants
Experimental TV Centre

United States

Finishing Funds provides artists with grants up to $1500 to help with the completion of electronic media and film art works which are currently in progress. Eligible forms include film, audio and video as single or multiple channel presentations, computer-based moving-imagery and sound works, installations and performances, and works for new technologies, CD ROM, multimedia and the Internet. Work must be innovative, creative and approach the various media as art forms; all genres are eligible, including experimental, narrative and documentary art works.

Applications are available in late January.

The nearer conditions for the applications can be found on the Finishing Fund-website.

Jerome Foundation
125 Park Square, 400 Sibley Street
St. Paul, Minnesota 55101-1928
United States
+1 (651) 224 9431

The Jerome Foundation operates a production grant program for individual media artists. This program primarily serves film and video artists producing work in all genres; however, it welcomes other forms such as film/video installations, on-line projects and interactive media.

NSF The National Science Foundation
4210 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, Virgina 22230
United States
+1 (703) 292 5111

The Foundation initiates and supports, through grants and contracts, scientific and engineering research and programs to strengthen scientific and engineering research potential, and education programs at all levels, and appraise the impact of research upon industrial development and the general welfare among others.

The University Cooperative Research Program
Discovery Grant

2087 Addison Street, 2nd Floor
Berkeley, CA 94720-3340
United States

UC Discovery Grants in Digital Media enable research partnerships that accelerate basic research and innovation to solve multiple issues affecting the application of digital media technologies.

Artists in Residence


kuenstlerhaus buechsenhausen

weiherburggasse 13
innsbruck 6020
+43 (512) 278627-10
+43 (512) 278627-11

in the framework of the /buechsenhausen.air/ programme every year up to
12 international visual and new media artists are coming to innsbruck
for a period between 3 and 6 months. the residency at kuenstlerhaus
buechsenhausen allows artists to work on a concrete project but also
gives them the possibility to experiment and to reconsider their current
artistic practice.

[the next idea]
Art and Technology Grant
AEC Ars Electronica Center Linz

Hauptstra§e 2
Linz 4040

Discovering ideas for tomorrow in young minds today is the aim of this grant supported by voestalpine and focusing on the intersection of art and technology. The category's target group includes students at universities, art schools, technical schools, and other educational institutions as well as creatives from all over the world, aged 19-27, who have developed as-yet-unproduced concepts in the fields of media art, media design or media technology. The winner receives a stipend in the amount of 7,500 Euro and will be invited to spend a term as Researcher and Artist in Residence at the Ars Electronica Futurelab.


Daniel Langlois Foundation
Centre for Research and Documentation

3530, boulevard Saint-Laurent,  bureau 402
Montreal, Quebec H2X 2V1

The Daniel Langlois Foundation's purpose is to further artistic and scientific knowledge by fostering the meeting of art and science in the field of technologies. The Foundation seeks to nurture a critical awareness of technology's implications for human beings and their natural and cultural environments, and to promote the exploration of aesthetics suited to evolving human environments. The Centre for Research and Documentation (CR+D) seeks to document history, artworks and practices associated with electronic and digital media arts and to make this information available to researchers in an innovative manner through data communications.
It offers funding programs for individuals, organisations and researchers in residence.

Interactive Art & Entertainment Programme
Habitat New Media Lab
Canadian Film Centre

2489 Bayview Ave
Toronto, ON M2L 1A8

Five-month, post-graduate residency focused on creating inventive interactive narrative projects for the Canadian and international marketplace


Werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V. / EMARE - European Media Artists in Residence Exchange
Peter Zorn
Schleifweg 6
Halle (Saale) 06114
+49 (345) 68 24 60
+49 (345) 68 24 629

Europe based Media Artists in the fields of digital media including internet and computer based art, filmmakers, sound and video artists are invited to apply for a two month residence based stipend

Futher informations are available under the following link:


International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences

3-95, Ryoke-cho
Ogaki City, Gifu 503-0014

IAMAS consists of two schools: the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences and the International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences. The Institute is solely a graduate school (for obtaining a Masters Degree) and has one faculty and one course, namely Media Creations. There are 20 students in each year of the course. The Academy is a vocational college accepting 30 students each year who must have at least graduated from high school. The Academy was founded in 1996 and the Institute was opened in 2001. Both schools were established by Gifu Prefecture as part of a strategy to promote advanced information technology and the culture that develops from this. The schools' activities are closely linked with Softpia Japan, the hub of the Prefecture's information industry.


Netherlands Media Art Institute
Montevideo/Time Based Arts

Keizersgracht 264
Amsterdam 1016 EV
+31 (20) 6237101
+31 (20) 6244423

offer artists from The Netherlands and other countries the possibility of carrying out investigations in three areas: Streaming media, Wireless applications,3D applications


The Artist-in-Labs-Project (AIL-Project)
Project proposals from artists who wish to work with the following
scientific disciplines are encouraged: Bio-chemistry, bio-technology,
solar energy, computational and information science, electron
microscopy, micro-electronics, artificial intelligence research,
ecological risk research, medicine, micro robotics, nano-technology,
physics and environmental science research.

Hafnerstr. 31
Zuerich 8031

Project proposals from artists who wish to work with the following scientific disciplines are encouraged: Bio-chemistry, bio-technology,
solar energy, computational and information science, electron microscopy, micro-electronics, artificial intelligence research, ecological risk research, medicine, micro robotics, nano-technology,
physics and environmental science research.

United Kingdom

Hull Time Based Arts
Time Base
42 High Street
Hull HU1 1PS
United Kingdom

Invited artists can use a media facility and receive support. We support 20 one-week residencies each year for emerging media artists and live arts performers. Invited artists can use equipment and use a workspace for the period.

The Leverhulme Trust
Anne Dean
United Kingdom
+020 7822 5069

To support the residency of an artist in an institution in order to foster a creative collaboration between the artist and the staff and/or students of that institution. The term artist encompasses visual artists, creative writers, poets, and other producers of original creative work

Nearer informations about the individual award-schemes are now available under the following link:

United States

45 Main Street, 12th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201
United States
+1 (718) 222 3982

Eyebeam's Artist in Residence (AIR) Program is a multidisciplinary initiative that supports the development, creation and presentation of outstanding new works of art made with digital tools. Artists selected: two a year.

The Interactive Technology Project

United States

The Interactive Technology Project offers a laboratory-like setting for the development of interactive computer environments, installations and instruments that foster new modes of perception and performance. The project is an initiative being developed by Harvestworks with funding from the
National Endowment for the Arts and the Rockefeller Foundation.
National and international artists are invited to submit proposals for the creation of a new work of art that incorporates interactive technologies into the
concept, design and presentation.

United States

Vectors Summer Fellowship Program
Institute for Multimedia Literacy (IML)
University of Southern California's Annenberg Center for Communication

United States

Vectors Fellowships will be awarded to up to six individuals or teams of collaborators in the early to mid- stages of development of a scholarly multimedia project related to the themes of Evidence or Mobility. Completed projects will be included in the first two issues of the journal beginning in fall 2004. Vectors will feature next-generation multimedia work, moving far beyond the Ôtext with imageÕ format of most online scholarly publications.

Artists in Residence

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