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Selected Projects 2007

The following projects have been selected for consulting sessions in the frame of the Developing Interactive Narrative Content Seminar, April 29 - May 5 2007:

Gráinne Gillen, Teeny Táin -Every Hero has a Childhood
interactive adventures with their ancient Gaelic heroes on broadband for kids ( 8-11 years).

Kai Graebner, Soap Blog
– online extension of a TV soap, with a holistic storytelling approach combining linear and interactive narration.

Douglas Grant, Steppin’ Out
– an interactive film in which your on-the-fly navigation of the narrative reveals who’s fooling who (including you) - or does it?

John Griffith, Treasure Hunt
– a fun-filled learning experience, where participants interact with each other, the physical world and a multimedia interface (a cross-media adventure activity).

Mark Grindle/Minttu Mantynen, Wildlife
– an episodic series of downloadable interactive stories of eleven-year old Milie McGowan and her amazing ability to transform herself into wild animals.

Leidi Haaijer, ... What does it take to make a choice ...
– a screenplay on reality and the dream of love; evolving through chat, web cam, e-mail, telephone and sms.

Catherine Kahn/ Trond Morten Kristensen, Heidi
– a multi-platform scifi drama exploring the meeting point between the individuality of the gaming world and a filmatic experience of the little screen on the go.

Mitja Kostomaj, Spinning Top Adventures
– a story spinning your mind, an ambient interactive storybook moving your body: a set of edutainment games using the body to help children in their motor, emotional and intellectual development.

Phillip Prager, Polyalphabet
– an interactive installation based on an associative, recombinant narrative, transforming an aleatoric text by John Cage.

Markus Rupprecht, Raun
– a fantasy computer rpg/adventure with soul: linking story, plot and game play mechanics in a meaningful way.

Sylvia Sabiwalsky, World-Eye.TV – spy-travel the world
– a user-generated content IPTV portal that gives you a unique, live travel experience: with your Eye TV presenter’s help you can discover places you always wanted to visit from the comfort of your home, or you can become an Eye TV presenter yourself by uploading your own great travel-stories.

Tinka Town, Xobia - Magic Legacy
– a mythical action-adventure game with monsters, magic potions, spells, rituals and a fascinating story.

Olivier Vanderaa, Refresh your Billboard++
– a public tribune on which passers-by can not only read ads, but participate in games and quizzes, upload text or images through their personal portable devices.

Timo Vuorensola, Star Wreck Studio
– the world’s first Internet Film Studio enabling people from all over the world to create and participate in film and AV production.