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Selected Projects 2006

The following projects have been selected for consulting sessions in the frame of the Developing Interactive Narrative Content Seminar, May 1 - May 7 2006:

Class Cross’d (Catherine Kahn, N + Team) IPTV
A multi-perspective narrative web that kicks in with the ongoing pop punk new waves of boys and girls to a different level.

Festina Lente (Cristian Bettini, I) Online
The oldest ways of transportation combined with new technologies to re-create and re-think the interrelationship between time and space with the purpose to produce different multimedia contents.

Integration TV (Simon Staffans, FIN + team) ITV
An interactive TV show about bringing opposites together. The underlying aim is to enhance the understanding of differences between people of different religious, racial and political beliefs.

Missing (Dylan Jones, NL) DVD
Interactive film (fictive documentary) dealing with the sudden disappearance of a close person from four subjective points of view.

Mobi Party (Volker Eloesser, D + team) Mobile
A mobile game containing a massive number of mini games.

Paddygames (Michael J. Maguire, IR) HD/ITV/Mobile
A technologically creative and creatively technological interactive, cross platform, comic romp through the Irish cultural psyche.

Past Perfect Phase III (Florian Schmeiser, A ) Online
A web-based entertaining teaching and learning environment. Users find themselves joining a journey through time and space into an age beset by war and plague, evoking both doomsday mood and bold new dreams.

Soap God (Uschi Siebauer, D) ITV
Interactive TV series giving the TV audience the power to put things right- in this eternal and repetitive game of looking for Mr/Mrs Right.

Wrinkle: in the Stratosphere (Linda Lewett, IR)
A unique interactive cinematic computer game designed for five adult players - set in a futuristic animated landscape that represents the shared sub-conscious realm.